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Although There Was General Agreement

Graduation has no impact on existing service obligations. “LDC graduates are not required to make new GATS commitments after graduation. They will continue to maintain the lower level of their commitments made during the Uruguay Round, although the number of GATS commitments varies considerably between the LDC finalised countries and they also differ in their profile of trade in services. (WTO/FEI, 2020) . “The Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration, adopted in 2005, established that the least developed countries do not expect new commitments in the services negotiations. Due to the lack of conclusion of the Doha negotiations, the lack of new commitments on the part of the Amdc proved to be of limited practical utility. As the Doha negotiations are expected to give special priority to the export interests of the least developed countries, this part of the GATS integrated development mandate has also not been implemented. (WTO/FEI, 2020). If the address matches an existing account, you`ll receive an email with instructions to reset your password. .

Enter your email address below and we`ll send you the GATS reset instructions that say LDC members will be a top priority in implementing Article IV: 1-2. Article IV:1 states that the increasing participation of developing countries in global trade in services is facilitated by specific commitments negotiated in the following areas: (a) strengthening their domestic service capacity and their efficiency and competitiveness, including through access to technologies on a commercial basis; (b) improving their access to distribution channels and information networks; and (c) the liberalisation of market access in sectors and forms of export interest supply. LDC members have been given particular flexibility in terms of their commitments in the timetable of their services. Recently, the least developed countries have made more commitments. See below for market access rules and exemption from services.