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Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement Template Whsmith

Our agents have asked us to sign the lease of an apartment that we rent. This had already been signed by the tenants who moved. But they added a handwritten clause that gives them the right to use the apartment “without paying all the royalties” – as the tenants said – for occasional photo shoots needed to advertise their fashion jewelry store. While you indicate that you still have six weeks to run on the lease, if your landlord has not delivered you two months in advance, you have at least two months in the property. I would always try to suggest that landlords and tenants walk with consideration. Unfortunately, you didn`t get that from the owner. Our landlord recently told my wife and I that he would not renew our lease if it expired because he would like to sell the property. He gave us the first refusal to buy, but we were not able to get a mortgage. As a result, we started looking for a new property to rent.

I have four tenants on my property under separate secure short-term rents (I bought the W H Smith contracts) that will continue automatically after the initial fixed time limit. Until February 1, 2007, all fixed conditions for these tenants have expired. Recently, I moved into a property with a secure lease for a short six-month fixed-asset contract. Under the agreement, I must cancel the owner at least two months before the house is evacuated and I cannot give airtime until the end of four months. All my posts so far have been with the realtor and I have not met or spoken to the owner. I have been living in the accommodation for a little over a month. I am inclined to cancel them less to leave next month on the 25th, which would be less than the two-month time frame indicated in the agreement, but I assume that this will allow me to receive further letters of disagreement and that it would be better to reduce my losses and give full two months` notice. Although I do not want to press charges, would the 25th be considered inappropriate? I find no wording in the tenancy agreement that would allow him to enter the property for anything other than emergency repairs or non-payment of rents. My landlord sells the apartment I rent and asked us to allow visitors and real estate agents. As a result, the apartment is visited almost every day while we are at work, so we no longer feel at home.

We still have a short-term lease of 12 months and 3 months.