18 Sep

Eastern District Of New York Confidentiality Agreement

Panera, LLC v. Nettles and Papa John`s In a lawsuit filed in Missouri`s Eastern District, an international fast food chain represented a case of violating the anti-competition of a former employee and stealing trade secrets and confidential information. The team around Bret won an injunction that prevented the former employee from immediately joining a chain of competing restaurants. Wordwave, Inc. d/b/a LegaLink v. Dalia Owens and Jones Reporting Company, Inc. At Suffolk Superior Court, he represented an independent subcontractor recruitment firm to cover brokerage reports, court reports and transcription services for small and large law firms and businesses. Mandanze complained against a former employee for breach of her competition and confidentiality contract. The former employee had resigned and switched to a direct competitor and recruited the client`s employees and clients during and after her employment with the client. Bret reached a favourable agreement. Bret Cohen leads the labour and employment practice. His practices span a number of sectors in the development and enforcement of non-compete rules, confidentiality, and other labor-related agreements in the United States.

He also represented individual employees, usually senior managers, on behalf of the companies they wish to hire. Lord. The United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York (in case citations, E.D.N.Y.) is the federal district court, whose jurisdiction extends to Long Island (including parts of New York City) and Staten Island in New York. . . .