10 Oct

Tcu Early Decision Agreement

At TCU, we reject this idea. Students should only use early decision if they know in their hearts that we are the best complement for them. Otherwise, you apply under one of our other application deadlines in order to keep all your options open. TCU will be the third school in Texas to offer the early decision admission option. If you wish to be verified at an early stage by transcripts during your junior year, you must have affixed a postmark to your application before 1 November. You must do the SAT or ACT no later than November. Non-binding communication before 1 January. Almost all schools that have an advance ruling have a higher acceptance rate during this period than normal intake time. Some acceptance rates are nearly 40 percent higher, according to US News statistics, when making an early decision. Early decision is an accelerated university application process that typically lets a student know about the university`s decision to be admitted before the second semester of their senior year, said Ray Brown, dean of Admission. Junior Political Science Major Derek Boykins said that if TCU had offered an early decision when he applied, he would have done so more likely. There are about 450 schools in the United States that, according to the College Board, offer early decisions or early action plans. Brown said the main reason TCU makes an early decision is to determine who, among the large number of applicants, is really interested in the university.

“I think the ability to make an early decision is a great idea,” said Sarah Lonvick, Senior Political Science Major. “Some students have put their hearts into a particular school and know what they want to do sooner than others.” “In an early decision, students identified TCU as their first choice,” Brown said. “And if they are accepted, they will tell TCU, `I`ll be there.` The university announced this decision last month, and it is being implemented during the fall semester. Rice and Trinity are currently the only two schools in Texas that have an early decision, Brown said. Early Action and Early Decision Deadlines are both November 1st, but the early decision reaction time is December 1st, a whole month before the Early Action Option response period. . . .