21 Dic

When An Earnest Money (Purchase And Sale) Agreement Is Amended By The Seller The Licensee Must

(1) Except as provided at points A or B, you accept a commission or other valid consideration from someone other than the broker who employs the licensee or to whom the licensee is bound as an independent holder. (2) Do not put the seller or associated broker in the custody of the broker, as soon as possible after receipt, all deposit funds or other funds entrusted to the seller or associated broker. 58-3062. Prohibited acts. (a) No licensee, whether an agent, transaction broker or contractor, may not receive a receipt from the trust intermediary and keep it in the transaction file indicating the date of delivery of the sales contract and the down payment of serious funds. (16) Do not inform the buyer at the time of the offer and the seller, at the time of the offer presentation, that certain completion fees must be paid and the approximate amount of those costs. (11) It has not been followed by the fact that financial commitments and commitments between the parties to an agreement to sell, exchange or lease real estate are provided in writing, expressing the exact consent of the parties or providing copies to all parties within a reasonable time. (d) (1) When a sales contract provides that the serious money is held by an agent other than a real estate agent, no stockbroker may charge and transfer money that comes into the possession of the taker and belongs to others. (B) Where a seller or associated broker has organized as an association, company, limited liability company, corporation or professional company, the commission or any other valid consideration may be paid by the licensee`s broker to that association, company, limited liability company, limited liability company, corporation or professional company. This provision does not change the other provisions of the act.

(20) Do not respond in a timely manner to requests from the Commission or the Commission representative for documents or information directly or indirectly relating to a real estate transaction or the real estate transaction of the licensee. (C) at the time of the tenancy, the licensee does not inform any person who rents such a dwelling of the extent and nature of the licensee`s interest in such accommodation and the likely delay until the mortgage holder or the creditor of the judgment takes possession. (A) (i) At the time of the acquisition, the units are subject to a right of repayment as a result of the forced execution of a mortgage on these dwellings; (ii) the underwriter does not notify the mortgage holder or the creditor who has held such a mortgage in writing within 20 days of notification; and (iii) the licensee does not apply the proceeds of the rental of the dwellings to the credit of the judgment resulting from the forced execution of such a mortgage, to the extent that payments are due under the loan, regardless of whether the taker is required to do so or not; (15) Avoid informing a buyer or tenant of the tenant`s shares in the property that the licensee sells or leases, or informing a seller or lessor of any interest in the property that the purchaser buys or leases.