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Worksafe Bc Agreement

The amount charged cannot exceed the maximum amount we approved in your agreement with us. If you sign a third-party contract with us, you have our agreement to provide the services described in the agreement. We cannot accept invoices unless there is an agreement. Insert your number of numbers as it appears in your third-party agreement with us. BC physicians negotiate two formal agreements with WorkSafeBC: the Physician Services Agreement and the Salaried Physicians` Agreement. The Physician Services Agreement describes the relationship between FFS and physicians in session and WorksafeBC, including the pay rates of physicians who treat injured workers. The Physicians Employee Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment of medical advisors employed by WorksafeBC. The 2019-2022 wage agreement was ratified in June 2020 and signed in September 2020 and will take full effect from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2022 included. Negotiations on the 2019-2022 medical services agreement are being finalized. Third-party vocational rehabilitation services can use My Provider Services or our billing forms to charge us. Your third-party contract letter contains complete billing information. Following these instructions will help us get your payment sooner. If you send an invoice by fax or mail as a third party, you must use our model for the 65D53 contract model for the agreement model for vocational training services.

All the obligatory fields of the invoice are marked with an asterisk. Make sure these fields are filled. If this happens, you get an explanatory code explaining why any refusal, reduction or refusal has occurred. To find out what this code means, you`ll find a description below (wcB and MSP codes are all mentioned): Will the contractor work on site in a government building or property? OhS legislation contains legal requirements that must be complied with by all workstations under WorkSafeBC`s control jurisdiction. Read the OHS Regulation – Related Materials, which contains guidelines, policies and standards from the Workers Compensation Board (WCB). You can fill out Form 8/11 in Dr. Bill`s web version by following these instructions: the second is Form 11, the “change in condition or treatment” in which you would describe any changes in your patient`s treatment or condition since the last report. You must also complete Form 11 if your patient is ready to return to work. On September 23, the BC`s Chief Medical Negotiator, Paul Straszak, held a members` webinar in which he audited the terms of WorkSafeBC`s proposed physical services agreement.

Dr. Elliott Weiss, WorkSafeBC Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Consultant, Chair of The WorkSafeBC Negotiation Committee and member of the Liaison and Innovation Project Committee, and Rob Hulyk, Director of Physical Advocacy, were on the committee to answer questions from members.